JohnnySquid128: First off, for a squid, the structure of this site is problematic. The navigation bar is spare, the fonts banal, the pictures lame. I can transform myself to the color of my environment! I have eight arms and two tentacles, one especially for loving! I have three hearts and can hear! I have the largest penis length relative to body size of any animal!

INKS: What web platform is this guy using anyways? There’s nothing here. It’s a bunch of boring text and a picture of a guy riding a bike in some urban setting. He thinks he’s funny and edgy, but he’s not. 0/5 for the site. 1/5 for the writing.

Lovin’LouieCephalopod: All words, no nude pics. Couple of buddy squid talk it up. I don't find nothing good to it. Where the hot babe squid?

Sqwid4Lyfe: Some my homeboy squid told me bowt dis syte. Down on thee oceyn floor all the rage until some fysh come over and trie to take over tha’ hood, you know?!!1

12ColossalSQUID: This guy is really trying. We can give him that, but I don’t think he’s really capable of reaching an oceanic audience. Catering his site to squid in general was a bad choice. You would have thought he’d reach out to land creatures. The chimpanzee audience might be a better bet for him.